THB Parkland School Megabytes

We are from Parkland School in Palmerston North. We are Year 5 students. Our names are Brayden, Tayla and Hayley. We are part of the Megabytes group that get together each Term to learn new things to do with ICT. We have to go back and teach our class and teachers how to do things.

Brayden: I

Tayla: I like shopping, dancing and heaps of other things. I love watching Hannah Montana. I have learnt how to use Audacity for podcasting and Garageband.

Hayley: I like playing with animals and riding my bike. I have learnt how to use Garageband.

Term 4: Animation

Learning Intention:
We are learning to retell a story with a clear beginning, middle and end.
We have been exploring different types of animation over the last 2 days. Check out one of our examples

Over the last two days we have been learning about persuasive langugae. We created some advertisements. If you click on the link you will be able to download our advertisement

Learning Intention:
We are learning to use persuasive features to sell a product.

Success Criteria:

  • grabs the listeners attention
  • use voice appropriate to the advertisement
  • keep on topic
  • information selected for audience
  • speak clearly
  • clearly see the technique being used, e.g, humour, expert, commands, insentives
  • keep it real

Learning Intention:
We are learning to add a variety of effects to add audience interest

Success Criteria:
  • Limit the number of techniques (no more than 4.
  • keep it within 45 seconds
  • keep it simple
  • have a catchy tune
  • make it original
  • make sure the sound effects are related to the topic

Animation - Term 4