Tiritea School Megabytes

We are a group of Year 5 students from Tiritea School. Our names are William, Khaela and Sian. We are lucky-duckies to be part of the Mega Bytes group. We come together for 2 days a Term to work on ICT activites . This means we go back into our schools and teach the teachers (yay!) and students how to use applications.
We are the best kids in the school. Just jokes! Tiritea School is the best school in the whole entire world!! We ROCK!!! No,we don't throw rocks we do rock! We are all in the school orchestra. We are all friends and our principal is Mrs E. She is very cool but sometimes she makes us cold with her watergun!

Term 4 - Animation

Silent Movies TERM 2

Learning Intention:
We are learning to tell a story through silent moving images.

We now we have achieved this when...

Our story is well planned and

Our story has a clear beginning, middle
and end

We have used interesting shots and
angles that emphasise emotion and detail

We have kept the audience guessing as
to what may happen

We have added effects that
complement the style of our movie,
music, sound effects, editing effects
(e.g. rain from imovie)

Our movie is original and we are happy
with the end product

When we have worked as a team to
achieve a common goal

Check out our awesome Advertisemente have been working on. Have a look at the success criteria and see whether we have achieved it.

Learning Intention:
We are learning to use persuasive features to sell a product.

Success Criteria:

  • grabs the listeners attention
  • use voice appropriate to the advertisement
  • keep on topic
  • information selected for audience
  • speak clearly
  • clearly see the technique being used, e.g, humour, expert, commands, insentives
  • keep it real

Learning Intention:
We are learning to add a variety of effects to add audience interest

Success Criteria:
  • Limit the number of techniques (no more than 4.
  • keep it within 45 seconds
  • keep it simple
  • have a catchy tune
  • make it original
  • make sure the sound effects are related to the topic